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Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

reach a consensus.› The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, Pub. 238, 75th Congress, 50 Stat. 551 (Aug. 2, 1937) was a United States Act that placed a tax on

Washington State Legal Marijuana Laws Go Into EffectWashington State Legal Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect
It’s a little after 3 PM in the east high noon in Washington State is people are lining up to buy pot legally. But it looks as though the marijuana sales mig…

Federal vs. State Marijuana Laws | LegalMatch Law Library
State Marijuana Laws. In November 1996, California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Currently, there are: 22 states

marijuana-school-california-marijuana-dispensariesMarijuana School – California Marijuana Dispensaries
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How California Marijuana Dispensaries Got Started And Some History Some call it the “green rush” – referencing marijuana from California. Marijuana growers account for $14 billion a year in sales in California, making it the state’s most valuable cash crop. The acceptance of marijuana in California started with the Moscone Act in 1976 changed violation for small-scale possession from a felony to a misdemeanor in California. The law was pressed because of a high number of marijuana arrests

The Great Marijuana Hoax
The Atlantic, on Mon, 10 Nov 2014 12:15:00 -0800
According to Naughton, the city can only do so much, as real power to change marijuana laws rest in New York's state legislature. Nevertheless, she warned that the new policing policy will ultimately have little effect. "It's a tiny step, but I don't

Is it legal to fly with marijuana? – Boing Boing
Earlier this month citizens in Oregon and Alaska voted to join Colorado and Washington as the four states where retail marijuana is legal for adults over the age of 21. Washington, D.C. residents, meanwhile, voted for a “soft legalization” measure. (Vox has a great … Across the country once-strict policies are loosening and it seems the TSA is not immune to these changing attitudes. The official TSA policy states: TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other …

Legalizing Drugs: Crime Stopper or Social Risk?
Margaret J. Goldstein, published 2010, 160 pages

Big Marijuana

Colorado — Big Marijuana. Big Mistake.
1, 2014, the legal sale of recreational marijuana in Colorado took effect. Since
that time, dozens upon dozens of news stories detailing the negative fallout of …

Decriminalization of non-medical cannabis in the United States

Attempts to decriminalize cannabis (marijuana) in the United States began in the 1970s. As views on cannabis have liberalized (peaking[clarification needed]

Indoor Marijuana Growing Huge BudsIndoor Marijuana Growing Huge Buds
Download my free expert Marijuana Grow Bible: – Avoid all common beginner mistakes -…

Big Marijuana – Is It The Future – Forbes
Most Read on Forbes. A journalist covering entrepreneurs, technology & business. Creative Edge Nutrition, a publicly traded US company, was recently approved to grow, dispense and export medical cannabis in Canada. (image: Caveman Chuck Coker on Flickr).

recreational-thc-marijuana-cannabis-presentationRecreational THC Marijuana Cannabis
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Recreational THC Marijuana Cannabis

Is 'Big Marijuana' Inevitable?
New York Times, on Mon, 17 Nov 2014 15:37:30 -0800
It looks like the use of recreational marijuana is heading down the path of legalization across the country. Voters in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia approved legalizing measures on Nov. 4, but with key differences. The District of

Today's math you can use: Marijuana + big corporations = a …
From the annals of issues that only intellectuals are capable of misunderstanding: Mark A. R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at UCLA, is worried that the drug trade might end up being dominated by people who care …

Land and Power in Hawaii: The Democratic Years
George Cooper, Gavan Daws, published 1985, 518 pages

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Legality of cannabis

have established medicinal marijuana programs that contradict federal law—Colorado and Washington have repealed their laws prohibiting the recreational

White House Says There Will Be NO CHANGES To Current Marijuana Laws - World NewsWhite House Says There Will Be NO CHANGES To Current Marijuana Laws – World News
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Marijuana Law Changes in Indiana – Vonderheide & Knecht
The Indiana legislature recently changed the penalty for marijuana possession. Learn more in the full article. <Click Here>

marijuana-light-it-up-empoweredpresMarijuana Light It Up? @empoweredpres
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Recently in the U.S. there’s been a push to legalize marijuana. The pot smoking weed toking stereotype is changing. Business moguls enjoy it, celebrities are doing it, even the president has tried it.

Authorities, businesses weigh in on marijuana law change
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, on Sat, 22 Nov 2014 21:22:33 -0800
Palmer Alaska Jack's employee Jordan Prendergast checks the progress of some pepper plants Saturday. The plants were being grown under a 1,250-watt dual-ended grow light. The long ties between agriculture and illicit marijuana culturing could …

Maryland marijuana punishment law changes Oct. 1 … – WBAL
A new law takes effect this week in Maryland that changes the punishment for the possession of a small amount of marijuana.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Law: A Practical Guide for Everyone
Bradley Vallerius, published 2013, 132 pages

Big Marijuana

Medical Marijuana – Drug Policy Alliance
Medical marijuana laws must give patients access to effective medicine and
increase the body of research on marijuana's medicinal uses.

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access

for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA), originally founded as Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access (VMMA) reflecting the pejorative word "marijuana", is

Changing Minds on Medical MarijuanaChanging Minds on Medical Marijuana
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Recent Investments – Featured Hemp and ^CBD Products
Industry-specific services include: armed and unarmed security for retail and grow operations, inventory and revenue transport, a secure depository, compliance oversight, and workplace protection for the medical and adult use cannabis industries in current and future legal marijuana markets.

sacramento-medical-marijuana-and-medical-scienceSacramento Medical Marijuana and Medical Science
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Sacramento Medical Cannabis has been accepted as an alternative medicine for the past years and many patients have testified that this form of medicine can really cure even malignant ailments such as cancer and AIDS. For more information please visit us at

Danbury bans medical marijuana production facilities
Danbury News Times, on Fri, 28 Nov 2014 12:26:15 -0800
DANBURY — The city has banned medical marijuana production facilities and restricted its sale to pharmacies. The move amounts to an all-out prohibition, since no pharmacy will carry medicinal pot while the federal government considers it a controlled …

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23 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC – Medical Marijuana …
Oct 30, 2014 Medical marijuana laws by state. Includes fees, possession limits, and other
program guidelines.

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative

The Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative, appeared as the third question on the state’s 2012 ballot as an indirect initiated state statute. The

Stoned KidsStoned Kids
For more episodes of Weediquette, click here: Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still…

Medical Marijuana Treatment Uses and How It Works
More states are passing laws that allow people to use medical marijuana. So what does it treat, and who can and should use it?

medical-marijuana-for-kidsMedical Marijuana for Kids
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Medical Marijuana represents the part of the plant Cannabis used as a physician-recommended form of medicine or herbal therapy. For more info:

, on

Canadian Feds Don't Like How Medical Marijuana Is Being …
The Health Canada warning, which went out to 20 officially licensed producers of medical marijuana, stated that, "The information provided by licensed producers to the public should be limited to basic information for …

Marijuana Medical Handbook: Practical Guide to Therapeutic Uses of Marijuana
Dale H. Gieringer, Ed Rosenthal, published 2008, 257 pages

Big Marijuana

Cannabis News – marijuana, hemp, and cannabis news
Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp all describe the same plant cannabis sativa. Our
mission is to distribute accurate and unbiased news about marijuana, cannabis …

Bobby Black (journalist)

entertainment scene. Bobby became senior editor of the quarterly Medical Marijuana News & Reviews in 2010. His involvement at High Times includes: writing feature

Government Crackdown on Marijuana in the Netherlands: Amsterdam's War on WeedGovernment Crackdown on Marijuana in the Netherlands: Amsterdam’s War on Weed
Subscribe to VICE News here: The Netherlands — and in particular its capital, Amsterdam — has long been thought to have …

Medical Marijuana News & Reviews – Wikipedia
Medical Marijuana News & Reviews is a quarterly magazine published by High Times magazine through the company's West Coast office.

majority-of-americans-support-sacramento-medical-marijuanaMajority of Americans Support Sacramento Medical Marijuana
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The use of Medical Cannabis has been highly regarded as an alternative medicine to cure various medical diseases. Medical experts in the region concluded that this Sacramento medicinal cannabis can be as effective as to those regular drugs found in the market. For more information please visit us at

All eyes in the global marijuana legalization movement are on Uruguay's election
Quartz, on Sat, 29 Nov 2014 07:56:15 -0800
But just ahead of Sunday's runoff election, polls show that as many as two-thirds of Uruguayans support repealing the marijuana law. Tabare Vasquez of President Jose Mujica's leftist Frente Amplio (Broad Front) coalition remains well ahead of his

The Little Black Book of Marijuana
Elliott Steve, published 2011, 0 pages

Marijuana news

Richard Cowan (cannabis activist)

of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), is editor of The Marijuana News, Co-Founder of Freedom Leaf, Inc. and editor in

Cannabis Culture News LIVE: What Marijuana Legalization Wins Mean For The USACannabis Culture News LIVE: What Marijuana Legalization Wins Mean For The USA
POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: We discuss the huge leg…

KING 5 TV – Seattle News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather – Marijuana News
Marijuana coffee promises different morning jolt. Return to the homepage. A company in Washington state will introduce marijuana coffee this summer. Mirth Provisions' cold brew coffee contains 20 milligrams of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, per 11.5-ounce bottle. By Jolie Lee, USA TODAY Network.

legal-marijuana-industryLegal Marijuana Industry
from elizabethduffey, ago in Health & Medicine
This PowerPoint was prepared for a Management 402 class. The assignment was to take an infant industry and propose possible strategies for profit potential. So, this presentation explores the legal marijuana industry and the profit potential that is waiting to be gained.

Fired UA marijuana researcher's team secures nod for Colorado grant, on Wed, 26 Nov 2014 17:17:10 -0800
After her research team secured preliminary approval this week for a $2 million grant from the state of Colorado to study how marijuana affects veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, a metro Phoenix doctor said she no longer needs an Arizona

Marijuana Industry Sets Its Sights On The Mainstream
Marijuana is growing up. As Colorado and Washington's recreational marijuana industries blossom and new markets in Oregon and Alaska begin to take shape, so-called ganjapreneurs are looking for ways to take cannabis mainstream. Before long, the… … Marijuana in the Mainstream Media – Marijuana Policy Project · Marijuana's march toward mainstream confounds feds – Yahoo News · Fashion & Style|'Vape' Joins Pot Lingo as Oxford's Word of the Year.

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Big Marijuana

New York Marijuana Laws – Huffington Post
The state of New York could legalize marijuana for recreational use as early as
2015. State Sen. Liz Krueger (D) will reintroduce the Marijuana Reg.

Derek Cooke

Hours. Retrieved June 3, 2013.  Dan Ferguson (May 22, 2013). "New medicinal marijuana laws a positive prescription, forum told". Langley Times. Retrieved

Legal Ease - New Massachusetts Marijuana LawLegal Ease – New Massachusetts Marijuana Law
Attorney Ernest H. Hyde, Host of Legal Ease, interviews Jerry Decristofaro, Esq., Dir. of Legal Training for the Massachusetts State Police on the new mariju… – Working to Reform Marijuana Laws
NORML is a nonprofit lobbying organization working to legalize marijuana, stop arrests of smokers, provide educational research, and legal information on marijuana

july-2014-newsletter-vol2-issue5U.S. marijuana’s financial future
from Moneycation, ago in Business
Marijuana is still illegal under the Controlled Substances Act. Before businesses get ahead of themselves, understanding the risk associated with this federal law is important. There are also market entry barriers such as limited licensing and access to startup capital to contend with; obtaining business loans from banks may be difficult for this industry.

Alaska marijuana prosecutions to continue until new law goes into effect
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, on Fri, 21 Nov 2014 00:48:45 -0800
The new law takes effect sometime next year. Incoming Gov. Bill Walker, who opposed the ballot measure, said he plans to find out how other states have rolled out more permissive marijuana laws. “I will follow the wish of the voters on that, and so we

New York Takes A New Stance On Its Marijuana Possession …
New York City has recently, finally, taken a huge step away from its established, strict marijuana laws with an announcement that it will now handle low level cannabis possession arrests more like they would a parking …

State by state: a panoramic portrait of America
Matt Weiland, Sean Wilsey, published 2008, 572 pages

Marijuana news

Cannabis (drug)

"Marijuana" redirects here. For other uses, see Marijuana (disambiguation). Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana and by numerous other names, is a preparation

Mexican President Hints May Be Open To Change In Marijuana LawsMexican President Hints May Be Open To Change In Marijuana Laws
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said Mexico and the United States cannot pursue diverging policies on marijuana legalization, hinting he may be open to …

Related Story Assets – WASHINGTON – Obama isn't high on changing federal marijuana laws –
White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that although Obama thinks that "targeting individual marijuana users. is not the best allocation for federal law enforcement resources," he doesn't "at this point advocate a change in the law.".

medical-marijuana-in-the-workplace-nj-lawMedical Marijuana in the Workplace: NJ law
from JohnJSarno, ago in Law

Local Governments Want Changes To Oregon's New Marijuana Law
Jefferson Public Radio, on Mon, 24 Nov 2014 19:00:00 -0800
Oregon's Measure 91 – which legalized recreational use of marijuana – passed with a healthy 56 percent of the vote this month. Now, local officials are urging the state legislature to make changes they say will lessen the new law's impact and preserve

Voters Change Marijuana Policy In 2014 Midterms
Even though sales are not allowed, the passage of the law on the federal government's home turf represents one of the largest symbolic shifts in U.S. marijuana policy since Colorado and Washington state legalized the drug …

Introduction to Criminal Justice: Practice and Process
Kenneth J. Peak, published 2014, 480 pages

Big Marijuana

Global Marijuana March

The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet. It refers to cannabis-related events that occur on

BIG FAT BUDS!!! SLH Harvest # 5 Marijuana GrowBIG FAT BUDS!!! SLH Harvest # 5 Marijuana Grow
Legal home grow Cali Prop 215 My fith super lemon haze harvest, ITS A FAT ONE!

Big Marijuana lobby fights legalization efforts
Dispensary owners worry about ballot initiatives that could wreck their business model. Big Marijuana lobby fights legalization efforts. (Politico) Pot legalization activists are running into an unexpected and ironic opponent in their efforts to make cannabis legal: Big Marijuana.

marijuana-legalization-4499128Marijuana legalization
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Reasons why Marijuana should be legalized, also check out google videos The Union

, on

Today's math you can use: Marijuana + big corporations = a …
From the annals of issues that only intellectuals are capable of misunderstanding: Mark A. R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at UCLA, is worried that the drug trade might end up being dominated by people who care …

Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: The Indoor High Yield Guide
Ed Rosenthal, published 1998, 261 pages