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United States Marijuana Party

issues, not good looks". The Tuscaloosa News. The New York Times Company. Retrieved August 29, 2009.  "US Marijuana Party Endorsement For The Office Of The

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Medical cannabis in the United States

complying with state laws on medical marijuana, but we will not tolerate drug traffickers who hide behind claims of compliance with state law to mask activities

beyond-certification-navigating-legal-situations-as-a-medical-marijuana-patient-in-maineBeyond Certification: Navigating Legal Situations as a Medical Marijuana Patient in Maine
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Topics Include: Maine Medical Marijuana Laws and Regulations. You will learn more about proper storage when traveling in a vehicle, and what is legal and illegal. The discussion aims to help anyone who may have questions or concerns using this medicine.

Medical Marijuana Law
Richard Boire, Kevin Feeney, published 2007, 240 pages

Marijuana news

Legality of cannabis by U.S. jurisdiction

"Mississippi". Marijuana Policy Project. Retrieved 2012-11-09.  "Missouri Laws & Penalties". Retrieved 2015-03-02.  "Montana Laws & Penalties"

banking-on-pot-66796292Banking on Pot
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The banking industry as it relates to marijuana in the United States. Marijuana is currently a "cash-only" industry making transactions less efficient and require more hands-on action by employees. Specifically, in order to pay taxes, they must be paid electronically or else the company will incur a fine. To pay electronically, the company would have to launder money. The ethical question being, is it right to put companies in this position between heavy, punitive fines or illegal action?

Legalizing Drugs: Crime Stopper or Social Risk?
Margaret J. Goldstein, published 2010, 160 pages

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Marijuana Party of Canada candidates, 2006 Canadian federal election

decision resulted in the loss of funding for the Parti Marijuana Party and other small parties. The Marijuana Party of Canada fielded twenty-three candidates

weed-seedsweed seeds
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Cannabis has many good medical high qualities. There is a significant need for marijuana seeds worldwide market. If you want to make money, you need to grow marijuana seeds for sale. Buying increasing the weed seeds, you could become a large and successful entrepreneur. If you look into this write-up, you will discover where to get the most effective type of marijuana seeds.

Big Weed: An Entrepreneur’s High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal …
Christian Hageseth, Joseph D’Agnese, published 2015, 256 pages

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Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative

The Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative, also known as Massachusetts Ballot Question 2, was an initiated state statute that replaced prior criminal penalties

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Providing safe access to high quality cannabis and natural health care service. Medical marijuana bc may be a new concept to many people, but it has been in use for literally thousands of years. For More Info:

Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana
David Casarett, published 2015, 289 pages

Marijuana news

Medical Marijuana News & Reviews

Medical Marijuana News & Reviews is a quarterly magazine published by High Times magazine through the company’s West Coast office. The magazine focuses

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Cannabis Extracts in Medicine: The Promise of Benefits in Seizure Disorders …
Jeffrey Dach, M.D.,, Elaine A. Moore, Justin Kander, published 2015, 220 pages

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Marijuana Policy Project

non-coercive marijuana policies; (2) identify and activate supporters of non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies; (3) change state laws to reduce or

budtender-school-marijuana-history-101Bud-Tender School – Marijuana History 101
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Let’s Brush Up On Your Marijuana History Cannabis (also known as marijuana and hemp) is indigenous to Central and South Asia. Contemporary uses of cannabis are as a recreational or medicinal drug, and as part of religious or spiritual rites; the earliest recorded uses date from the 3rd millennium B.C. The Chinese Emperor Fu His (ca. 2900 B.C.), whom the Chinese credit with bringing civilization to China, seems to have made reference to Ma, the Chinese word for Cannabis, noting that Cannabis was a very popular medicine that possessed both yin and yang. Around 2000 B.C., the Egyptians used cannabis to treat sore eyes. And then a century later, doctors in India could be found mixing marijuana with milk to use as an anesthetic. In 200 B.C. the Greeks used marijuana to remedy earaches. During the Middle Ages, hemp was central to any herbalist’s medicine cabinet. William Turner, the naturalist considered the first English botanist, praised it in his New Herball, published in 1538. It was in the early 1,600’s when Jamestown settlers brought the marijuana plant, commonly known as hemp, to North America and throughout the colonial period, hemp fiber was an important export. Such notable used for cannabis slowed to a screeching halt and was temporarily removed from history after 1937, when the Marihuana Tax Act effectively banned the drug in the United States. Marijuana Is Actually A Misunderstood Kind Of Substance It is a good thing that debates have paved the way to discover that it has many good uses more than what’s been described since Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970 that classified marijuana as a drug with “no accepted medical use”. It was in the same year that NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) was founded as a nonprofit, public-interest advocacy group whose mission is to end marijuana prohibition. Marijuana history was made in America on November 5th, 1996 when voters in California passed a state medical marijuana initiative known as Proposition 215. The legislation permits patients and their primary caregivers, with a physician’s recommendation, to possess and cultivate marijuana for medical use. Today 60% of Americans support legalizing marijuana for medical use, according to an April 2010 AP-CNBC poll. Many more states now allow the usage of marijuana for certain medical condition thus giving birth to the term medical marijuana and are now paving the road for the legal cannabis industry. Many medical studies have shown that marijuana has the ability to help people suffering from a variety of medical conditions. Tumor cells growing in some areas in the body have been scientifically proven to decrease through marijuana use. In fact, many of states are willing to let it help the economy by imposing taxes on it. People who have been supporting the use and growing of marijuana are expecting that the law changes will soon make it happen. Learn

Medical Marijuana Law
Richard Boire, Kevin Feeney, published 2007, 240 pages

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